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Life Settlements – Ethical or Not?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal talks about how a lawyer in Rhode Island is advertising and giving out $2000 in cash to policy holders who are terminally ill. In return, he is asking to be the beneficiary on their life insurance policies.

There have been many arguments for and against the investment. Some believe that it is a viable investment and is ethical while there are people who argue the believers. For those of you who would like to know what a life settlements investment is in a nutshell, please see my earlier post by clicking here. (Please note that I am in no way arguing for or against the investment; it is something I researched on as part of my internship at Quantum Financial Advisors in Washington, DC.)

Joseph A. Caramadre, the lawyer mentioned in the article, is known in the state of Rhode Island for his philanthropic endeavors. According to his lawyer and the article, Caramadre has given out $2000 anyway to people who have refused his offer of taking over their life insurance policies.

Relatives of the insured in question have looked down upon and filed lawsuits against life settlements investors. Insurance companies have filed lawsuits against the legality of these investments (please see the article in WSJ for more) making the rules surrounding these investments stricter. But, it really comes down to individual perception on the ethical aspect of these investments.

What are your thoughts?


Why Should We Hire You?

There are many questions an interviewer can ask such as:

1. List your strengths and weaknesses
2. Tell us about yourself

There are other questions as well but which question is the one that is most dreaded? Or may be considered the most crucial one?

Yup, you guessed it. It is “Why Should We Hire You?” I’m not saying other questions aren’t as important or difficult but this particular question is like Brett Favre’s interception pass last night against the Saints – A GAME CHANGER. The answer to this question can change the game in your favor just like it did for the Saints or against you just like it did for Favre and the Vikings. Now, it doesn’t mean that Favre isn’t a good player or that Vikings aren’t a better team, it just means that one mistake cost Favre the game. Similarly, the way we answer this question can make or break the deal for you. You may without a doubt be a better candidate skills wise, but the competitor might be a better self-marketer.

I have been asked the above mentioned question at almost every interview I’ve ever been to and I am certain that anyone who has ever interviewed has come across it too. So what really is the right answer? Now, I am in no way a professional or an expert at answering that question but speaking from personal experience and upon seeking advice from people with more experience, I can definitely conclude that there is no particular right answer to this question. It all comes down to HOW YOU MARKET YOURSELF.

I am sure that everyone will agree with me that to land a job in the current economic situation we need to market ourselves better than we usually would. There are more people applying for the same job and everyone has some unique skill that they can bring to the table. But, who really gets hired? The one who sells himself better than the other.

I wrote this article to learn myself on how to answer the question. I invite people from all backgrounds and experiences to give their input on the topic. share their experience and knowledge on the subject with college graduates and job seekers like myself to better market themselves. It would be great if you could mention who you are and what you do in the comments. You don’t have to completely reveal your identity but your position and number of years of work experience would be great.

Before opening this Blog post for a discussion I have a link to share. I believe it is very insightful: Should We Hire You” by Carole Martin at JobBank USA – I think she has some good tips in here.

There are various links on YouTube. Just type “Why should I hire you?” or “Why Should We Hire You”

Thanks and can’t wait to read your inputs!