Economic Recovery on its way?

Back in April I did a brief presentation on an article for my Advanced Financial Management class. The article talks about how the economy is still deteriorating but at a slower pace. Ben Rooney, the author of the article talks about 109 businesses being surveyed on if they showed any signs of improvement in the first quarter of 2009. There were more firms that showed signs of improvement than not. Although, this might be a good sign there is still a lot to be done before the economy actually starts to pick up such as taking care of rise in unemployment rates.

Some economists predict that the economy will start to improve fourth quarter 2009 or first quarter 2010. This is the timeframe where they believe that GDP growth will be positive unlike now.

The article’s a good read and is a good insight on first quarter performance of the US economy in 2009.

Here is the link:

Business Survey Shows “Recession is Abating”


The First Post

I am Karan Malhotra, a senior at the University of Maryland who will be graduating in December with a Bachelors of Science with concentration in finance. Being one of the few students to be a part of the prestigious Emerging CFO’s Fellows Program that the Business school – R.H. Smith School of Business has to offer, I have learned a lot. Approaching my graduation at the end of the year – December 2009, I thought to myself that there has to be a way to apply what I have learned in class and also a way to expand my horizons. Yes, internships are a good way to do that but I want to do more. I want to learn more, I want to help other people learn more, I want other people to help me learn more, I want to expand my knowledge database, constantly seek new challenges and learn from them or just simply take advice from people already well established in the field of business and finance. Through this medium of mass communication- Blogging, I want to reach out to every person who is either interested in expanding their knowledge on what goes on in the finance world, or want to acquaint new people like myself with the real world actions, talk and environment.

Here’s the ideology behind the functioning of this blog – interaction! I will be posting either my reviews on books or articles or just share articles with people from WSJ, etc that I think might be of value. I will also share my experiences at my new internship. In return I’d appreciate comments, suggestions and constructive criticism along with any articles or book reviews that you might want to share. In all it is a very open and interactive blog for us all to come together and help each other learn and grow.