NYC Job Fair

New York City can be synonimized as the Mecca of Finance Careers. I went to New York City this morning for a Career Fair. NYC was charming and motivating as ever, the job fair wasn’t.

After travelling for four hours on the bus and waiting in the line for two hours ( yes a line at a Job Fair, my first) I found out that half the companies listed on didn’t even show up and the other half were recruiting beauticians and outdoor sales people. I respect people for their passions and whatever job they’re in but the aforementioned jobs are not my forte.

I still wasn’t disappointed (primarily because I still got be in New York) because I had an intuition, all the travels and pains I’m going through now will count as my efforts toward securing my career in the field of Finance especially NYC.

As cliche as it sounds I have come to a realization that I really want to live in NYC. I’m just a big city type of personality and I’m feeling the Big Apple.

Some say it’s not the right time to get into Finance or move to NYC. Here’s how I look at it – once I score a job in NYC and in the field of Finance, I will be part of a special group of people who were there and in some way helped bring the economy back out from the recession. This could and would pay off in monetary terms. More than financial achievement this would mean a personal achievement for me as I believe I can definitely bring something different to the table with my leadership qualities and passion for finance. I look at at it as glass half full.

Right now I’m on the bus, going back from New York, typing on my iPhone and committing myself to making it big in New York and everywhere in the world, and in my own eyes for personal pride.

Wish me luck in my future endeavors!

  1. I lived in NYC in my late ’20s. It was so much fun. It truly is something I made sure I did before I was an old married woman like I am now. I hope you get a job and moved there soon!

      • finstu
      • January 21st, 2010

      Thank you very much! Also , I like the concept of your blog, I might do something like that myself, definitely a great way to reminisce.

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