How can Twitter add value to businesses?

Twitter, a blogging service is getting more widely recognized now than ever before. There has been a considerable increase int he number of users that Twitter has according to Douglas A. McIntyre at Time Magazine. Celebrities and companies have many followers on Twitter and McIntyre believes that the number of users will keep increasing tremendously and by the end of 2009 Twitter might actually hit the 50 million mark. This will help companies expand their online business, build a brand name and just maybe increase their customer base.

Douglas shares an interesting point of view in his article ” 10 Ways Twitter will change American Business” and I agree with him. In the age of technology why not take advantage of Web 2.0 to build a network and expand your business.

But, then McIntyre also mentions how Twitter users have to be careful of the fact that it’s the users who lay down the rules of conduct.

I believe that no matter what measure of promotion a company takes, it has to be cautious of certain conditions be it rules laid down by the users of a service or rules laid down by some authority. However, Twitter to me seems to be a great marketing tool, if it is used the right way.

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